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June 03, 2016



This is a Public Service Announcement: Senor UF is experiencing computer problems. As a result,postings will be sporadic until his machine up and running. Please bear with Us, him, errr, he. Remember: One good look at the sky will tell you, legs aren’t worth
much anymore.

So there.


I'll bear with us, him and he. Computers are a bitch. Now is the time to take up the old mandoline and fiddle the night away.

Jan Martin Löhndorf

I bear with bears and with pears
Say the bells of Ten Beers.

Greetings to my peers
Sorry for that ... oh blow it, I'm not sorry, not me! Stick your head in a hog and pray a Peter Nutsy, but I won't be sorry in a thousand years or a thousand trousers, you can bet your pet on that! Or pat your pet on the head or on the htd as long as it's got his heads on or his hat is a Stetson.
It's too hot for me today ... the heat's getting to my head and there's that pain in my bra - STOP IT ALREADY, WILL YOU?!!

Jan Martin Löhndorf

Correction: ... on the head or on the hat ... it should be, I am sorry for that and this time I mean it.
And I don't wear a bra, but you have figured that out yourselves, haven't you?


"I've been absolutely terrified every moment of my life, and I've never let it keep me from painting flowers that look like vaginas."

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