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June 02, 2016


Jan Martin Löhndorf

On another note: The Kurdish woman with the enchanting smile but no more lower legs (You rmember?) has gotten the apartment. She is going to be my neighbour soon (not next door exactly, but only some 100 metres away) and I sure am glad.
It's a good day and I go to bed satisfied with the way the world turns, at least today.
Thank you, good night everybody.

Jan Martin Löhndorf

As for facts and the truth: I agree.


Never touch the stuff.
I'm driving.


I'm really very glad for her. Good to know that some stories actually have happy endings. Mordantmouth, that's a good policy. You never have to worry about being stopped by a cop with a truthalizer.


I keep wanting to like things. Nice one, Mordantmouth!

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