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September 26, 2012



Nothing to say today, Mike, but thanks great steamin' heaps for all your fine posts.

(And this might be the best comment I ever made.)


My tail is chasing me.


My tail is chasing me would have been a much funnier caption for the cartoon. Thanks!


It is? Proably not, buy I thank you mightly for the reply Mike. You are a gent and a lovely man. Hang in and wait for my super plastic comeback after this September Down.

There's Henry David Thorough's Walden and shout-on-top-of-lungs-punkrock to get by. Love.....

Who has got a Gibson ES 125 to sell to me?


Oh it is. And you are a gent and lovely man likewise. Wish I had a Gibson to sell you. Are you contemplating a future in rock?


I think I planned a future in hangover land. Damn, I did it again... drinkin' and talkin' out of my proverbial. And then plugging in the guitar and playing till the plaster came down and the neighbours showing up with torches and hay picks. Just kidding, about those neighbours showing up. Nothing showed up. So I just sat here and looked at these guitars on ebay. Luckily I wasn't so drunk I bought one. At least I can't remember. I did write Thoreau's name in a funny way though, which is not good. Blurred vision!

I am not contemplating any future...


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