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September 28, 2012



Why the flying festering fuck have I never seen a Cioran book. Ever?

All the best!


You write great music reviews. I like the recent one about the mice that listened to too much Eagles, and had to flip a lever to get turquiose.


Awesome! I'm so happy for you! Don't forget us little people.


Thanks folks. I won't forget about you little people, don't worry. You're the wind beneath my wings...


Martijn, I heartily recommend The Trouble with Being Born. It's the essence of his wisdom, distilled to incredibly bleak aphorisms. Find it and be filled with futility!


Thanks for the reading tip, Mike. I probably badly need a shot of Cioran to compensate for Thoreau's optimism I am experiencing at the moment.

I am really taken with his simplifing gospel. I have sold some books and CD's and thrown out my couch believing this would make me happier. So far it's not working, but perhaps I should simplify and throw out more useless things, like underwear and coasters; and how many Dubliners records does a man really need?

Ah, I ain't kidding myself: it's all an illusion and nothing will make me happy. So far the search for Cioran has produced no results though, but I'll keep my eyes peeled. Thanks.


Thoreau? You shock me. you do. But in a good way. I should probably read the guy--maybe he'll inspire me to toss out the new tv that's causing me so much trouble.


Thoreau is very much into Nature and its virtues and a repulsion of hollow modern society, which you are not I believe, so I don't know if he speaks to you. He does to me. But he is a very good and clear writer and has lots of humour as well. And I dig the utopian dream castle he built. If I let him influence me even more, perhaps I'll become an abolitionist and anarchist myself.

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