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September 25, 2012



Fotheringay! :D When I was a young lass, I wanted to go to the Ren Faire in the worst way. I wanted one of those floral wreaths with ribbons for my hair. Years passed, and when I was in my mid-late 20s, I met people who worked the Faire, and got the impression that it was popular for 2 reasons. 1) Fat girls liked it because they could wear corsets and feel like they were hot. 2) The staff enjoyed working the Faire because of the after hours orgies.

The more I heard about the Faire, the more I avoided it. Plus, I don't want to spend a fortune to walk around in the blisteringly hot sun and drink expensive lemonade, listening to people speak in terrible Elizabethan dialect.


after hour orgies--now you have me wishing I'd been a human chess piece! Hi Gillian!


I don't know, it seems like the price would still be too high to pay :)

Hi, Mike!


You're probably right. There has to be an easier way to orgy--one that doesn't involve jousting and giant turkey drumsticks.

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