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August 28, 2012



And let's not forget "I am sailing" which is dear to me ever since the following use of it by 'Men Behaving Badly'. What a sitcom that was!


Oh, and fine piece of writing pro bono for Sir Rod.


Close quotes. You are of course completely correct in all you say regarding Rod Stewart. I had similar feelings with respect to Sir Grace Jones, before she got herself elected President of Latvia, and I trust I don't need to remind anyone how *that* all turned out.

Jan Martin Löhndorf

Love the line " ... 'n that's a pain I can do without ..." He meant life in general, didn't he?


I especially liked the rooster haired genius/putz image. heres a singer I just came across, Something about her nose reminded me of you and the lyrics of her song as well but the song itself musically is boring and repetetive, good for crying and putting one to sleep I thinks. but here it is anyway http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJ60n_-BK6Q&feature=share


Wonderful song Karoline! I never heard of Malvina Reynolds before, but her lack of fame is unjustified.

Jan Martin Löhndorf

Three cheers for Malvina Reynolds! Here they are:
As far as I remember, Malvina is the name of Major Grubert's fiancée.
Second, the lyrics are just great.
Plus, in the comments section, somebody quotes Bill Hicks, and Bill Hicks is Jesus with a dong. Or he was, rather.

Thanks, Karoline!


I've got lightning in my veins, and no surge protection (or something like that.)


Welease Woderick! Welease Woderick!


Last cheers for Malvina Reynolds, and Graham Chapman, and say 'fuck - love' to all of you and and us all and Arthur Rimbaud and decadence and Unremitting Failure and who knows... and Michael... and that's it.


Karoline, that song is the official national anthem of Unremitting Failure. Great find!

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