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June 01, 2012


Jan Martin Löhndorf

Spoken like a true Jack tar! And? Did she go for that rum, sodomy & the lash thing? If not, there's still the plank!

UF Mike

No, she didn't. I never heard from her. Some people just don't know a good deal when they hear one.

Jan Martin Löhndorf

Yea, you can lead a horse to the water, but you can't make it drink ...

UF Mike

You can lead an idiot into a classroom, but you can't make it think. That's what my teacher told me in second grade. Actually, that's not true. It was college.


"Peel and Eat."
Thats my favorite.

UF Mike

Are we talking women here, bulletholes? Have you turned into one of those face-eating cannibals?


It goes way back Mike, to a waitress named Junebug that all you had to do was say "hello' and you could watch her nipples start to get hard right through the stretchy top that she was issued. They were huge, and nobody minded it much.
Anyway, she would always smile at me with those nipples, and ask "Whats cookin' chef" and I'd say "You are baby, I can smell you from here" and she'd say "Why don't you come over to my place for some "Peel and Eat" and one night I DID go over, and that is how I met the future Ex-Mrs Bulletholes.
She was Junebugs room mate.


you'll break my heart when you find your lady and these letters stop...

UF Mike

Bullets, I'll say it again. You're the best storyteller I've ever met. And thanks Jeanne. I don't think there's any risk of that happening anytime soon. Yrs,


Bulletholes IS the Karouac amongst us. And you are just fantastic.

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