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June 10, 2012



Howcome all the links go to OK Cupid? I want to see funny pictures!

What happened to bookmobiles, anyway?

Jan Martin Löhndorf

And the women do not sturate theit panties with vaginal fluids after they've read this? Now honestly, this text is just awesome.


what's the english word for the vaginal fluids one has in the brain?


Hey, I called you today, left a message & ever'thing. Give me a call, will ya? Otherwise I'll try later today. Loves you,



LOVE: "religiously not listening to NPR" and "As W.C. Fields astutely noted, 'Fish fuck in it.'" and "...are obsessed with zombies, Tea Partiers and other varieties of the undead" and "and not a cannibal."

Also, I mentioned Oscar Wilde in my email to you on Facebook.


You forgot to mention that you are an Art Expert, and good with cattle.

UF Mike

I'm finally getting some responses, one from a dowager in Venice who obviously wants me to share her palazzo. Tonight, tattoo artist, tomorrow the world!

Jeanne, there is no world for that. Unfortunately, we males suffer acutely from this syndrome. Where is the race for the cure??


You forgot to mention your catchphrase.



Miss Peas


UF Mike

Thank you, Miss Peas. Marc, what's my catchphrase?


i've followed your link 4 times now, and I just can't get up the courage to do this. I nearly did it just now, but then I saw their little blurb on the left hand side that says "The Google of online dating".
Aw man!
That blew my mind!
What does it mean?
I just can't do it.
I need a drink. I'd need lots of drinks.


If I could massage myself, I wouldn't be here.


you had me at "I."


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