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June 04, 2012


Jan Martin Löhndorf

Why you don't het online dates is because the stoopid cows got an underdeveloped sense of humor. Tragic, really tragic.


Dating her hammock isn't a bad idea. When I was a kid, our neighbors had a hammock. I used to go into their backyard when they weren't home and visit their dog, Dupar (who they'd found in the parking lot of Du-par's, the coffee shop) and relax in their hammock. I always wanted a hammock of my own, but never managed to have one, and am not really in a place where I could have one now.


The Dr said I have to lose weight.
Anyway, I was just about get on a muscle-machine when this chick stops me.
“Steve? Is that you?”

It was Blondie. I have pictures from the last time I saw her, May a year ago. I was dancing circles around her, rocking to the blues tunes of John Nitzinger at a biker rally. She was my date, but in the pictures its clearly shown that she has her arms folded across her chest, and she is rolling her eyes, her frown is a mile wide and she is doing her best not to acknowledge me at all, which is damn near impossible when I start rocking.
Since that event was a year ago I guess she had forgotten all about the horrible time we (she) had. She worked out with me for a while and then went to the Thai Tippewan with me to dinner.
Fact is, I’m probably the most embarrassing date Blondie has ever been on, and she is the most boring date I have ever been on.

It reminds me of something you said a long time ago Mike…
‘Its not about getting what you deserve, its about getting what’s coming to ya”

UF Mike

I could use a hammock too. Strung between two sturdy shade trees in a lush backyard strangely devoid of all insects. Maybe that's what Heaven is. A hammock.

Steve: The "Thai Tippewan"?


I havent been able to figure it out either.
And it was either that, or the Nippa Thai. That one doesnt figure either Mike, but the food is good!


You know what? I wrote about this chick before. She's tough.


I've been thinking of a patio couch rocker/swing with built in shade umbrella over it and a mosquito netting to drape over it to put out on the deck. I bet a mosquito net could help your hammock idea.


It's a beautiful Southern California day. I wish I had access to a hammock.

Mike, I emailed you on Facebook.

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend.

Jan Martin Löhndorf

Thanks, Gillian! Same to you, m'dear!


Mike, I have a mission for you. its one that will be life changing. Its not too threatening because you have done this before. its in YOUR EXPERIENCE! And it will be empowering and actually chicks will dig it. A drivers license. very simple little item. many people have them. you can too! you can too! remember chicks will dig it but best of all you will too. It will be THE pivotal point in your mid life. A reclaimation! seriously! Fuck the electric shock! go for a ride!

UF Mike

That's a good idea, Karoline. But me, I like to go for rides in my head. If I live thru this, it could mean a brand new incarnation of Unremitting Failure. Besides, I'm hip deep in chicks, thanks to OKCupid. I've got a date tomorrow night at a hookah bar with a 32-year-old tattoo artist whose kink levels are off the chart! It may well come to nothing, but so far as midlife crises go, ECT and tattooed chicks isn't a bad start! Love (and I am thinking about that driver's license) Mike


I always love to spend my precious time at Hammock in my patio area with my spouse. Its really a joyful and lovely feeling...


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