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November 17, 2011


Bullet Holes

"Cher-like noises"...Mike, I love you. I just wanted to say it.
Now I'll be humming this all day.


I didn't get it at first--but that three-legged stray on the highway brought me on home. I love you too, man!

red dirt girl

twenty-one lines.
I counted 'em.

Anthony Weir

This is brilliant! I have linked to it on my blog today:



Funny, I still count 20. But math was never my strong suit. Thank you, Anthony. I will check out your wonderful blog forthwith.


Twenty it is...& Herpes was his name-o!


Thank you, third-party counter. As you well know, we never had a dog named Herpes. We had a dog named Colonel, but he was well before our time. I may have been a wee child during his tenure as Little family dog, but you were still a lustful glint in the patriarch's eye. I think he was a big dog, the only big dog in Little family history. After Colonel--he was a real colonel in the Air National Guard--we went the small dog route, and never looked back. There was Taffy, who had a good long run, than a quick assortment of short-lived and ill-fated pooches most of whose names have been lost in the mists of time. There was a Murphy, and a Heidi, and I can't remember the rest. All I know is they were a heedless and reckless bunch, and died like indians in a plague blanket outbreak.


Anthony, I love your site! As a saved Christian and long-time professional singer of old time gospel music, I was agog at the many resources you provide on your blog. Now tell me you were just joshing, before I call down Satan to blast your harvest.


There is an 'Exodus Route' as a tourist attraction?! Amazing the stuff you can find on the web. Absolutely amazing. I am SO there! Oh yeah! I'll bring my banjo and go by rented donkey singing Let My People Go! That is the new direction I need in my life I think. Saddle up, Padre!

Mike, not only is this blog homey and fabulous, but the people you attract... brilliant. Can I get an Amen?

red dirt girl

Ohhhh....you mean those things called sentences with a period at the end. Wow my reference for lines was soooo off. I'm thinking little white lines on the coffee table; that big white line you're supposed to walk in a straight line; those horrendous crowded lines during the holiday season ....

Actually, I was just trying to yank your chain. Looks like I yanked a few others as well!



Ah, those little white lines on the coffee table. 21 of them would be nice! As for me, it's easy to yank my chain; I've been a circus exhibit for so long, my neck is chafing... have a good one, RDG!




Ha ha, I never got the Amen till today as Steve Bulletholes linked this post on his blog and I got the chance to read ánd enjoy everything again & again & again. Thank you, Padre.

(I don't know why I wrote so strangely back in the day; it must have been sheer enthusiasm -- it's always scary to read one's own writing afterwards.)

Also thanks to Steve.


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