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March 24, 2011



I'm not a huge Yes fan, but besides Owner of a Lonely Heart and Leave It, I like I've Seen All Good People. It's hokey, but sweet. That karma line is awesome. And I love the part about 3 minutes in when they start singing, "All we are saying is give peace a chance." However, I wish the song ended at the 3 1/2 minute mark so I wouldn't have to sit through the whole jazzy part. I'm sure most people would consider it blasphemy, but I think the song is great up until that point and then it turns into a totally different song that I don't like.

Oh well.


By the way, Leave It was one of the coolest videos of its time, so why is it so hard to find? I had to hit like 15 different sites and sit through several ads just to discover the video was no longer available. Then, I found it, but the quality totally blows:



I'd never hear "Leave It" before. Thanks. Like many things I make fun of, I like "I've Seen All Good People." I even like the longness of it. And the extended chess metaphor, of course.


just checked out the "leave it" video, thanks Gillian, I remember that song but not the video, that was my anti Tv time, from watching the video I had the realization that yes sings in the tradition of the beach boys, especially in that song. it was creepy neat to see that the album title was picked up by the makers of 90210, if I got the order right.


I watched plenty of MTV in the early days. It was fun while drunk. And 120 minutes was great!


karoline, Leave It came up in conversation a few months back and I was searching for it then, too. I love the song, but hadn't thought of it or heard it in years.

Mike, 120 Minutes is where I saw Sinead O'Connor's Troy video and was hooked. Only she could sing "I'd kill a dragon for you" and not sound utterly ridiculous. Or maybe she does, but not to me.

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