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March 24, 2011



No, it was Lou himself:

Lou Reed, the man who ate his own ass.

Another guy that should have died when he was 25.


That should be the title of Lou's next album. As for his dying at 25, then we'd have never gotten to hear Waves of Fear, with Robert Quine's exquisite guitar playing. (Around the 2:40 mark, Quine really lets rip.)



I think it's still a better song without Lou, or with someone else singing. Which, for me, goes for I'd say just about everything he's ever done since Velvet Underground times, or shortly thereafter. I'll tell you what, if I never hear that bulbous, pompoid frog croak rap of his again, it'll be a good life.


I've heard a guitar sound like a plane, a siren, a chicken, a sonic boom, a waterfall, and a pack of wolves but thats the first time I ever heard one sound like chalk on a blackboard.
Only worse.
I always liked his live cover of Dylans 'Foot of Pride".


I can understand your hatred of Lou. He's a pompous prick, for sure. Bulletholes, I take it you don't like Mr. Quine's prickly style of geetar playing. Me, I think it's the cats meow. It makes me feel all twitchy and is the perfect complement to the Louster's lyrics.


In its own way it was genius, and totally unique. I never heard a guitar clawed like that before. Sounded like mabe a cat was walking down the strings.


Am I the only one who loves Lou Reed's Magic & Loss album?

And I love him in Get Crazy as Auden, the Bob Dylan character. He's funny. I love the song, Little Sister, that he sings at the end. It's so sweet. The movie is ridiculous as hell, but I adore it.


For just the song, sans all his other goofy clips, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exr90v_FraA


I too once loved the Magic & Loss album, Gillian. But, short while later, I outdepressed that album and couldn't listen to it anymore. I haven't played it in 10 years I guess. These days, Lou can't sing no more. At all! But I'm glad he didn't die at 25 (which would have been better) because then I didn't have the chance to see the abominable Velvet Underground reunion concert in ? 1995 or something, which was quit lame but unmissable at the same time. Damn, and I suddenly remember his performance on the Pinkpop festival in 1991 I saw. Back then he still had it!

Bite Lou Reed in the Ass! And John Cale's elbow.

Bruce S

Ars brevis, vita longa - in some cases. But Lou's Rock & Roll Animal delivers ervertime.

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