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November 10, 2010



Night Train, yep. Lost my the dog & my keys. Thunderbird, yep. Lost my soul & found my keys.

Old Rasputin Imperial Stout. That's one big-ass comfy couch.

Stu J 2.0

Someone Peed in the Strawberry Hill bottle......

That Crap was Ripe Red out of the Liq Store.........


Years ago my brother in law got so, so, soooo drunk on Night Train at a family gathering. In the years since then, we have passed a bottle of Night Train from one family member to another as a way of recognizing when that family member does something particularly stupid. I guess the ultimate winner will be the person who opens the bottle of Night Train....


What a wonderful family tradition!


You are my intake , I have few blogs and often run out from to post .

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