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June 25, 2010



Takes me back to the night I hung out in the shadows across the street from Isabel St. Clairs place waiting for her to come out. I'm not sure what i was going to do when she did.
I finally gave up on her coming out and started hoofing it back to my car 2 blocks away. On the way, a set of headlights appeared and began to slow down, then stopped right next to me. Isabel sticks her head out the passenger window..."Steve, what are you doing here?"
It was a real Van der Sloot moment.
I can only hope that was the last time I did anything really creepy. TI'm fairly sure it wasn't.

UF Mike

"a real Van der Sloot moment."

Thanks for the laugh, Steve. As usual, you've cheered me up. Have a great weekend, pal.

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