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January 08, 2010



Bachman Turner Overdressed perhaps? For Canada I mean. Hey, Mike!

UF Mike

They're probably going to an awards show or something. Hey Martijn!


That must be it. P.S. the picture of Rush in kimono isn't showing (or maybe just not by me). I ain't seen nothin' yet in any case.

UF Mike

shit. I'll redo the link. It's a classic!


BTO dude on the right went to Montreal in the 5th round. No shit! And his drums all point towards the front. Neil Peart needs a rotating riser so he can be pompous in all four directions without rewaxing his balls.


You're the funniest man in showbiz, Dave. And you do it all from behind a lawnmower.


not only are they donning kimonos, Lifeson is sporting a 1st class camel toe (mangina?). glad to have re-found you; after about a year's absence. apologies...i had not only lost my mind, apparently i had lost all my f-ing bookmarks.

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