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September 25, 2009



i don't even know how to respond to the genius here.
I am slackjawed once again.

UF Mike

Shucks, you're swelling my head.

Hey Steve!


Didgeridon't is... !*# I'm with Steve on this one. But now about the instrument itself. The didgeridoo is so far out of the scale of music that I don't even object to it: it hums in a harmless idiot manner and gets played by friendly nuts. You once discussed the vibraphones as Most Horrible Musical Instrument, and yes, a real ear fungus it is... but for me personally, there’s one much, much worse, a true and-now-I've-gotta-hurl sound. I'm talking of course about the pan flute. Even talking about it makes me long for shouted speeches of moustached dictators and death marches, and for the players of those flutes I’ve got some caustic lime, earth quakes and fires to burn down the rubble.

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