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December 30, 2008



Wow. Monkey Wards in Hanover and Miss Nancy in the same post. That's doin' somethin'.

(And you know that ghost wanted a piece of Mrs. Muir.)

Fuckin' Romper Room. Hilarious.

What's next? Stu Kerr in Dialing for Dollars?


I keep waiting to get pelted by Ping-Pong Balls, like Mr Greeen Jeans on Captain Kangaroo...

Unremitting Failure

Mr Green Jeans! That commie...

Dialing for Dollars! Man, that was great! People used to win, like, 10 bucks and go ape. Nowadays they'd sue the TV station and win.

Jordan 8

I found so many interesting stuff in your blog especially the pictures. Thanks.

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