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December 31, 2008



That dude's got 10:46 left, in Warholian terms.


Happy New Year Mike!


I just watched Dick Clark in NYC at midnight and a movie came to mind...the movie "They Shoot Horses Don't they"

Unremitting Failure

That's hilarious! Happy 2009 Keith!

Unremitting Failure

And happy New Year to you too, kfc!


Down here they are firing weapons into the sky at a really alarming rate of speed.Last month lady at the racetrack got hit by a 50 cal. that was fired 8 miles away.
And it wasn't even New years.
The round ricocheted off of Texas Motor Speedway, went through Bobby Labonte's hood, pinged off the Channel 5 Helicopter and two kegs of beer before entering her trailer home where the slug entered her left elbow and exited out her right ear.
Something like that.
Anyway , I am hunkered down in my bathtub with two mattresses and a couch on top of me. i don't know what time it is, but the gunfire is getting louder, closer and more inceesant.
Thanks, yes, I'm not feelin' that good myself.
Happy new year!

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