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December 31, 2008



Goes well with "Sticky Fingers" doncha' think?

Unremitting Failure

Yeah, if you have a very very long finger.


Wasn't I recently chided for using "the pie" here?

In any case, is Thunderbox like some sort of Sturm und Drang in yer cooch?

For me, this also recalls that old Herb Alpert cover with all the whipped cream.


Unremitting Failure

Mmmm. Herb Alpert. And yes, you were chided here. For some reason, the term "Hair Pie" like, well, the time my brother's wife referred to her hoohah as "an oily oyster." As Yeats said, "After such knowledge, what forgiveness?"


Point taken, like it was the last. (shudder) Still "Storm and longing" isn't gross.

May your New Year be free of fruit cakes!

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