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December 30, 2008


Dave Mows Grass

Dear Baby Hitler: Is it bad luck to apply for unemployment benefits on my birthday? Laid Off (for two weeks) in Springdale


Dumkopf urinated on my Jackboots!
Happy B-Day Davy! Isn't your birthsite a National Monument?

Unremitting Failure

Dear Dave Mows Grass in Springdale: I'm very sorry to hear you're unemployed. In my day you'd have had a good job building the Autobahn, which is something you may want to consider the next time I run for public office. But as for your question (and Happy Birthday by the way!) no it isn't bad luck. Bad luck is surviving three years on the Eastern Front only to end up paralyzed the whole way up to your eyeballs after tripping over your kid's Slinky. But seriously, my friend, the important thing is to keep your spirits up, and your enemies down.

Dave Mows Grass

Thanks Baby Hitler! I'm actually in the rolling-layoff dasein, not quite employed and not quite unemployed, but definitely wary of slinkies.

Unremitting Failure

Hey Dave: Truly sorry to hear about your job situation. That totally sucks, unless you have a trust fund. Maybe you could steal somebody's trust fund?

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