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September 22, 2008


Phil Core

About as welcome as my mowed lawn is to the neighbors. I mowed it a couple of days ago, not completely, but with paths that look a little like crop circles. I'm happy with it but not everyone will understand. You see, for me, it's a form of visual art, also, the yard is full of bees flying down into and around the grass blades. I assume they're finding food there, sneezer pollen perhaps, I don't know, but there are hundreds of bees buzzing there. I'm sensitive to leaving them habitat while allowing myself some artful paths for travel. It's the best of three worlds hopefully.

UF Mike

I heard all the bees were dead. Turns out they're at your house. That or they "hit the mattresses."


"People were in a state of distress, if I can put it as politely as that, when they came to the Stonehenge monument" You bet your ass they were in distress. "Whaddya mean there's no aliens? We wuz told there'd be aliens..." Distress ain't a river in Egypt, you know, people...


Phil, thats beautiful..."best of three worlds"...how Panglossian, my new word for the day.

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