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April 17, 2008



If I had heard about this shit...

“Sickles often asked Key to escort his wife to social events whenever the congressman had to work late or was occupied with other women…There he shot Key in the groin. As one adulterer begged for mercy, the other fired at point-blank range…Sickles fell near his brigade at Gettysburg when a cannonball smashed his leg. He visited the leg after the war at the Army Medical Museum.”

...I would have paid attention in high school at John Smarsh's retelling of the glory of Gettysburg. As it were, I was thinking, "What the fuck is a kepi?"

UF Mike

Dag! We should read this shit! We didn't know the leg was preserved and displayed! Yeah, J. Smarsh blew it. History would be interesting if the teachers would focus solely on gory and amusing trivia. But no. They have to bore us with ideas.


Sickles to bystander at the Army Medical Museum: "See that? That's my leg...(waving) 'Hi there leg!'"

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