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November 08, 2007



This makes me want to laugh and bash you for being disrespectful at the same time. Good work on finding humour in a bad situation, but I think it's a bit disrespectful. You won't find those dead people laughing at his t-shirt.

Humour is a good medicine, but tread cautiously as to where you dispense it. Even Mad magazine refrained from poking fun at 9/11.

Phil Core

I thought peteski was working on a cool UF T-shirt for you. Peteski, how's the progress?


tee 1.0


Mark - that is why UF is so much funnier than Mad Magazine.

Peteski - when do the shirts go on sale? btw, is that your sister?


T-shirts don't kill people, people do.


people with T-shirts....

Phil Core

Nice work peteski, as usual.


t-shirt model 2.0

Brenda Love

Oh, I dunno, I think UF's humor is cutting edge. Or shooting edge, in this case.

Jan Martin Löhndorf

Well, cynicism is the last resort of the desperate. Drugs and alcohol might giveyou relief for a short time, but in the end they will keep you away from the good things that still occasionally happen, like watching Larry Craig getting busted or the latest King Khan-record or getting laid by that witty and intelligent woman you are with, you know, with your penis getting sucked into her wet and hot pussy and her riding you real hard, her breasts bouncing on your chest and in your face and leaving you all battered and torn, covered with bites and bruises an sweat and sperm and still begging for more - well you know what I mean. What I wanted to say is: being a cynic doesn't mean you're a bad person. It's only a way to get along. Keep the faith, Mark.


2.0! Now you're talking. That's a killer t-shirt. Can't wait for 10.0 or maybe I'm just getting caught up in the marketing.


Dead people don't laugh, it's true. But they're laughing on the inside.

Peteski, how do we get our paws on that t-shirt? Or more relevantly, that t-shirt model?

Jan Martin, whatever you took before posting, we want some of it.

Happy Friday everybody!

Phil Core

T-shirt v0.5

(S)wine, Inc.

i dig peteski's tee.
"failure is an option"


Dag: With chihuahua head and everything.


"Losing isn't everything; it's the ONLY thing."


You know where this is all going to lead don't you?

Me neither.


Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...........No Idea.

i have to get nu meds.


It's all going to end in disaster. We can hardly wait.

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