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August 29, 2007



Who would have imagined what all those Zeppelinish memories would be worth today? When I saw them play with the undead Bonzo, the ticket price was a cool five dollars. I'll bet they could get more than twice that now, even if they just propped up his skelington and pressed play on a drum machine.

Unremitting Mike

That is so cool. We never saw the Zep, having wasted our youth thinking they were idiotic. We blame society. We would gladly pay 50 bucks to see LZ play with Bonzo's skeleton, which probably still plays better drums than most people.


"If we were to find ourselves in the stall next to Led Zeppelin's stall in a public bathroom at the Minneapolis airport, we would not think twice before pulling a Larry Craig. That's how much we love them."

Hilarious. And not to be mistaken for an extra wide stance alibi noted in the report.

Unremitting Mike

Ahh, the "extra wide stance." And surely his waving his hand back and forth under the cubicle wall was just his way of saying "Howdy fellow pooper!"


I like the idea of waving to fellow poopers. Acknowledging the common stench and baseness of humanity....


ok, i just can't help but be a classic rock geek and point out that the singer on BOE is sandy denny and not maggie bell. sorry, i'm like a guy at a star trek convention. the bong remains the same.....

Jan Martin Löhndorf

Hey Anandamide, there is nothing wrong with your know-it-all-attitude when Led Zep is concerned.
Has any of you ever visited Bron-Yr-Aur, a small derelict cottage in South Snowdonia and so on? Well, I have!!! It's been raining the day my brother and me were there.

Unremitting Mike

Jesus! Sorry Anandamide. We should have known that. There is no such thing as a small detail when it comes to rock trivia. As our old pal Dan Diehl once said, "Life is too short for mistakes." We will fix forthwith.

Jan Martin, you are a cool and lucky man. Other than standing on the playground above the bunker where Adolf Hitler finished his real life rock opera in April 1945, we have hardly been anyplace, rockologically speaking. Well, CBGBs. But big fucking whoop.


I am not gay! I am not Gay never have been...not that there's anything wrong with that mind ya...!


"rockologically speaking"

I got a C- in Basic Rockology. Should have been given a D.

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