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August 31, 2007



Say hi to Zeus for me and tell him I want my tail back. Please. And tell him I'm sorry for eating his lunch. It will never happen again.


oh the things hidden in a plain brown paper bag, but the best is the impregnate milk maids get of jail free card, there's no child support to pay, just some holographic larger than life floating head guidance once in a while, "I am Kal-El. No I'm kidding, I'm your father. Fire is hot. TTFN." [Fade to Blur], and what is your godded name? i'm torn between UF-oclese and UF-trius...

Unremitting Mike

Marianne: We shall. And we will. And all we can say is, you're lucky we weren't Brown Bag God when this "incident" occurred.

Sorry to disappoint, Daniel, but our godded name is Hagar. Sammy Hagar.

Dave Mows Grass

Congratulations! You've just landed yourself a whole lot more work. Striking down lunchroom bandits is a hard job. If you do well, they'll start tacking on a bunch of other responsibilities like exposing pantyfaxers or catching the Phantom Shitter. Be careful what you ask for with those Mallo Cups!


I think the minor gods go nude, which in your case if JUST FINE (based on photographic evidence).


You flatterer you! As mom always says, "Flattery will get you everywhere."

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