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August 31, 2007



is it presidential meat?


Yak, mostly. But the president's picture is on it.


Albania is also credited with the invention of the pie, upon going on a long trip Atalanta Piechristos had but the small bindle sack of a pauper, after eyeing his pile of meat and vegetables, and his pile of cookie dough (another Albanian first), he decided to smush them together into his gunny sack, a long night of drinking made for careless serendipities as he dropped his sack on the fire, the aroma woke him up and thus was created the greatest late night grubbing fest ever, for a long time following pies were baked wrapped in satchels, originally called Atalantians, the name was switched to pie after Piechristos lost his legs in a hilarious goat tossing celebration and the country poked fun at him by shortening his last name as well, on the up side, he was now rich with leg meat currency that lasted him well into retirement...


also it is often confused with Romania;
albania, romania, oceania...same thing


Darn good point. Not to mention Albinia, the all-albino Balkan rump state with the flag that is white on white.


and let's not forget Armenia.
clump them in there,
smash properly with a pestle,
add some salt, olive oil,
a bit of water,
and serve as a dip
the Turks already did that 1915-17.
my bad.

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