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February 26, 2007



do you actually work downstairs from me?


are all gubbernment buildings,linked monuments to futility,broken dreams and shattered summat else that i cannot think of now.(cheap Stoli,up the road......being a frugal jock i could not let down a national cliche of being tight with money.i am a bit annoyed though as my butler let the bottle get warm.i will set the bengal tigers on him later,and he will thank me for it,he is old school).
a couple of shots Yeltsins ruin have passed ma moooth.

William Thirteen

the air ministry here survived the massive aerial bombing attacks of WWII. but yours won't...


I worked in Tempelhof Airport for about two years - swear to Christ. Nazi-bau totahl.

ps. One of the guys I worked with, an Ossie, was named Helga (really). He drank a lot.


"Yeltsin's Ruin"--classic! Wi11iam, we hope you're right. Peteski, you are truly a man of the world. Helga reminds us of a L-Town compadre of ours, "Edna". He drank himself to death at 22 or so. That takes... some hard drinking.


My guess is those escalators were featured in The Twilight Zone. Remember the man writing bad checks and riding the escalator to the bottom? All the way to the bottom? Down and down and down.


SJ: "Yeltsin's Ruin" is a classic. Used it myself last night--the phrase and the beverage.

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