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February 03, 2006



the sooner the sparrows return to capistrano the better...if you know what i mean...


Oh, we KNOW what you mean... FAT CONTROLLER...


I think we should all glorify Satan in some way. Me, I'm buffing my kneecaps & learning Dutch.

Mommy Complete Failure

You know what, a hardworking farmer does not usually have time to stand around posing for his portrait, and still less does his hardworking farm wife. I think the "American Gothic" couple MADE time because it was important to show off the pitchfork...a symbol of Guess Who...Satan can practically make a meal off the Heartland, we figure.


It is, we think, that painting, the clearest explication of the secret satanism at the heart of american fundamentalism. The devil, it makes clear, is them.

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