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May 30, 2016


Jan Martin Löhndorf

Goodness gracious, Mike, this one brought a tear to my eye. As did some of your other recent posts.
About a week ago, a Kurdish woman from Turkey in a wheelchair had applied for an apartment in the self-governing housing corporatuin I live in. She sits in a wheelchair because somebody thought he could make this world a better place by setting off a bomb that tore off her lower legs. She has got a most radiant smile.
I hope my colleagues here will give the apartment to her.

I still don't really like violence,


I'm glad it touched you. The Islamic fanatics kill, so we kill them back with drone missiles, and it's obscene because it's the innocents who suffer. I hope your Kurdish woman gets an apartment. And I wish everybody, not just the jihadists, would grow a conscience. Not gonna happen. But a guy can dream.

Jan Martin Löhndorf

There's a dream we share!
Not gonna happen, I agree, but still ...

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