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January 08, 2013



Boy howdy!

The stupidest comment I could think of to express the greatest thanks for breathing life & fumes into the blog. I'll now go and listen to "Freebird" myself to see what the band sounds like.

Richard Henderson

So nice to have you back. I'm only sorry that it took "Freebird" to make this happen.


Free-he has a birt, nail.


...& this birt yew cain't change, right?
I've mentioned my strange affinity with Free Bird before,& I'm not afraid to affirm it again here, obviously.
Damn, I checked it out & DBT ain't coming to Oz any time soon. The Mrs & me just love that shit kickin' music.
Good to feel the futility again.


Mind if I start my trademakr rambling already, so fresh in the restart I mean? It's about Ronnie van Zant. His name is as Dutch as Joop Zoetemelk. So I started googling. Not so much out of nationalistical idiology but because I was interested in Ronnie van Zant's background (if he can make it from Dutch hillbilly into Rock God, then maybe so can I...)

And I found that he was indeed of Dutch descent. Then I found on Wikipedia a list of 'notable Dutch Americans'. Aha! I thought, let's see. Of course, Willem De Kooning, Mary Steenbruggen, Lee van Cleef, Don van Vliet, the Van Halen brothers... sure, the names are a dead giveaway.

And oooo, Walt Whitman, Herman Melville, but what is that? Matt LeBlanc? That doesn't sound Dutch at all. Robert DeNiro? What the... Jack Nicholson? Christina Aquilera??? Oh, come on!

So I guess we're all part Dutch. Good news everybody!


Ohhh, that was a long wait. Almost worth it in the end, the piece is brilliant, but the wait was too long. Guess there's no hope of these guys coming to Singapore, and even less of my missus coming with me.

Jan Martin Löhndorf

Hey Martijn! I like the way you spell "Idiology", that sums it all up very nicely!

And Mike - glad to see you back at it again.


Spelling Ideology like that was a lucky mistake, or 'happy accident' as Bob Ross would say. However, sincerely thanks for making me laugh at it. My spelling appears to be 'possessed' these days and sometimes, next day, I find completely different words than I thought I had written ("mobilized" instead of "pissed-off" for example!).

Hey hey JML! Your name sounds a bit Dutch too (wink).

UF Mike

Good to be back, folks. I've missed you all terribly, and I'm afraid I got caught up in writing about music again. Martijn, is Little Dutch? I didn't think so, damn it. I'm tired of being Deutsch.

Jan Martin Löhndorf

But, Martijn, wouldn't "Löhndorf" be spelt a bit differently then? Like, say, "Leuwendorf"? Or even "Luijndorf" or something like that?
And, Mike, "Little" is as english as it can get. In deutsch it would be "Klein". In nether german, the dialect sometimes still spoken along the baltic sea coast of northern germany, it would be "Lütt". There comes an Umlaut with it!


Leeuwendorp! Yes! Mike Klein sounds good, as if Yves Klein's brother. As for Lütt, in Dutch we say 'luttel' for small things. A 'luttel' amount of money for instance, which is pronounced just like little but with an u. Funny how I never noticed it.

"But officer, I was playing Freebird..."

Jan Martin Leeuwendorp

Denmark->northern germany->netherlands->england & assorted colonies, that's one family of anglo-saxon languages spoken by people with salt water in their veins and a deep-rooted appetite for more beer than mere thirst would require.
Thanks for the information, Martijn!

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Hi Jan Martin... Leeuwendorp, I only just saw your fine and apt reply. You're right about everything of course, with the salt water and go-for-broke drinking habits.

And I was just kidding about the Dutch of course... we're all German.

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