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January 11, 2013



I'm really glad you posted this here. I don't feel like such a shmuck now, since I manage to post my stories in 3-4 different places, not because--as some people think-- I am a narcissic bastard, but because I am an exhibitionist.
And also because, as I found recently, the rag of a newspaper desperate enough to publish 4 of my stories--and mangled the titles while doing it thankyouverymuch--has managed to go out of business, and the links to my published stories are now irretrievably lost in bankruptcy court.
And I would hate to see that happen to you.
It was a good thing I had those stories posted all over the internet already.

But mainly because I think this is one of the greatest rock concert stories I've ever read. Hi Mike!


Hey, I just read this out loud in the presence of my wife, my eighteen year old son & his seventeen year old girlfriend. We all laughed until we cried, I only added "Let this be a warning to you."
& yea Bulletholes J'accord, in a world where idiots re-tweet their morning ablutions it's still a case of publish or be damned, only more critical than ever. Go multi-channel people, or be be damned!


Although I'm a firm inhibitionist who never wants to express himself, I MUST speak up here and say how much I enjoyed this post. Far out! I always hope to get that message across telepathically, but sometimes one has to type it in... or pick up a phone and call the band of course.

"Phone Call for Blue Öyster Cult" will be the name of my tribute band. Or "UF & the Godzillas".

UF Mike

Thanks you guys! I really appreciate it. Bulletholes, I'm sorry about your stories--and congratulations on getting them published in the first place. That's no easy feat, rag or no rag. I used to publish my stories in a cheesy newsrag called the "Welcomat"--presumably because it was only good for wiping your feet on. Carry on, gentlemen! And thanks again for your kind words.


thanks for sharing

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