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October 01, 2012



I think your football watching phase is a sign of the depression lifting actually. I think it's a good sign! Yes!

The past few days I have been staring at those infomercials of miraculous wall painting gadgets and knives that can cut through bricks and then still slice a tomato like it's a hologram. Not that I want one of those knives -- I don't want anything any more -- but it's nice to watch. It's one of the few programs where you don't see talking heads, but 'stuff being done'. I like that. No heads. Stuff.

We have football on the telly overhere too, but without the violence. The violence in our football is being done amongst the spectators, but the camera always follows the football, which is as boring as a football.

I wish I could send you some of my books to read. No I don't: I'm happy for you for not reading and watching football. You're on the right track!


I'm glad you think so, Martijn, I'm glad you think so. By the way, your description of the infomercials you watch is hilarious--it made my day.


Speaking of football, read this open letter in support of gay marriage written by the punter of the Minnesota Vikings, to some bigot of a congressman. It's a hoot!


Jan Martin Löhndorf

I like the name "Huffington Post", sounds like it came out a "Winnie-the-Pooh"-book.
By the way, Jeffers, you mentioned "The Devil Makes Three" several posts ago - thanks for the hint, I have come to rrreally like them! (And the banjo player looks just like he's from another dimension or something.)


" slice a tomato like it's a hologram"
Thats SOME cookin' there!

I miss ol' Spud. "Go, Spud, Go!"

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