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October 04, 2012



It's all lost... let's set up a colony of mild-mannered perverts somewhere in the woods where we can grow beans, build fires and skin skunks. And then we generate solar power to plug in our electric guitars and jam deep into the night, free of polls & politics. And later skinny dipping and artificially flavoured soda drinks. Civilisation has had its time... let's go naked!

(Funny that when I'm drunk, I write quite intelligently, sort of; but now that I'm as sober as a baby's bottom, and I write all crazy. Something is wrong.)

Fine piece again, Mike (I better stick to just praise).


Oh my god:

"I've voted to kill Big Bird in the past," Santorum said when asked about his position on the issue. "So, I have a record there that I have to disclose. That doesn't mean I don’t like Big Bird. I mean, you can kill things and still like them, maybe to eat them, I don’t know."


What's on your mind?

(Evil Laughter)


"he'd have made our day if he'd tried Bush and Cheney for war crimes and torture"
Holy Shit - thank god someone else finally said this, I was beginning to feel like the only one. Maybe that's because toiling a work with a staggering array of ....people.

Oh, I'm back BTW. Trying to get my head around the trauma of being married.
Which I will never forgive any of you for letting me do.

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