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October 19, 2012



Now yer talkin', good show, & congrats! I'll let you know how this reading goes tonight. And Happy Birthday for tomorrow! Loves ya.


Love this: "The odd pairing at the State Theatre on Friday, October 12—two-tone legends The English Beat and power popsters the Paul Collins Beat—presented me with a chilling sartorial dilemma. Should I show up in full rude boy regalia, complete with pork pie hat and checked socks, or should I arrive wearing a white jacket with black shirt, just like the ones Paul’s wearing on his 1979 debut album, The Beat? I struggled until I realized I don’t own any of these items of apparel, and finally settled for a Piggly Wiggly t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans, the only items of clothing I own that don’t need a wash."

Jan Martin Löhndorf

And right now ... right now ... it's time to ...


... and then kick out the jams, although I still haven't found out what that exactly means.


God I wish I had a Piggly wiggly shirt.


I learned a new word: treacly.

UF Mike

Thanks Gillian--I liked that part too. Best thing in the whole review. Bullets, I actually have two, but one has big holes in it and is only good for the gym. And thanks for the birthday wishes, folks--Martijn, I'm not sure what "kick out the jams" means either. I only know it's something the MC5 used to say. Hey Jeffers!

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