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October 22, 2012



Good show! I trust your birthday out went well? Now I want to see a band. Maybe I can dress the kids up krautrock & have them lip sync to Can.


"...while Graham Nash gave us 'Our House'—a song so utterly banal that I believe that it was personally responsible for the Fall of Saigon." You made me laugh out loud even though I like that song :) I can't argue with your assessment.


Hey Mike, Nice work.


No posts from Mike lately. I hope he's prepared for Hurricane Sandy. Stay safe, amigo.


Worried about the lovely Mrs. UF ex and Rudi, too.

UF Mike

Thanks all for your words. Especially you Marc, for your concern. I'm afraid I've become immersed in the noninteresting life of a rock show reviewer. At least for the time being. Gillian, I'm glad you liked that part. I wasn't sure they'd run it. But that's what I like about the Vinyl District--they'll run any form of my craziness. Hey Jeffers! Hey Dan!

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