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October 29, 2012



Yay, good show! Nice review. Did you get creamed by the storm? We made it through unscathed, at least til now. Really wasn't that bad, not as windy or rainy as they thought. Loves you,



(Loves you two)


Scratch áll of that, if you will... I should have said:

b r a i n s

(loves you too)

The end. You're 'it'.


By Neptune's balls! They took out my spaces in b (spaces) r (etcetera) ains! The machines have risen up... all is lost. Internet, fare thee well...


Happy Halloween, Mike. I hope you are safe and well.

Jan Martin Löhndorf

Can anybody tell me how to pronounce "Samhain"? And "Lughnasa", for that matter? That's the main reason I would become a Wicca member, how do they pronounce their weird holidays.


Samhain is pronounced "Glog Fork" while Lughnasa is, stangely enough, pronounced exactly like Lasagna. My Wicca name is Chet.

Jan Martin Löhndorf

You're a true wizard, Chet. May Cthukhu be with us all!

Jan Martin Löhndorf

Cthulhu, that is. He wasn't with my typing abilities. obviously.


I though you were affecting a speech impediment and ssying "fuck you". Dag.

Jan Martin Löhndorf

I need to look up "Cthulhu" in my Henochian dictionary, I've got a notion that it indeed means "Fuck you.". Is "Dag" short for "Dagon", him of Innsmouth fame?


I saw cthulhu as a flavor on a bag of potato chips today


Mike, you were in my dream last night!


Mike X,

I miss you and the days of yore... sitting at my desk at the office, which was Three Days of Love & Peace every week (now it's like the after party at Altamont).

I drank my coffee, stared angily at the ficus and read your posts while I patted the company dog. After which I had to go and wash my hands because it had some nasty skin condition that made his fur stink contagiously. I don't miss that dog.

Now I sit at home and look at the mossy-all-over fish tank and play Cajun music. All around me are stacks of legal papers (my battle is John Grisham worthy; not my story telling ability, but the plot itself). And books. I bought Ulysses in Dutch yesterday, for when I want to dive into that one again and like to get some parachute.

Books, books, books... a live in books. Perhaps I should apply for a job at a publisher... not a bad idea: kill your hobby by making it a job.

The bananas that are green are turning brown.

(Those of you on the hills, think of us in the valley.)


"...the after party at Altamont" Martijn, that was great.


Thanks, big G. Nice to hear you liked it. Tell us more of your dreams, if you will. Mine were particularly outrageous last night, but I forgot all the cohesion amongst the loose images and magic words. It had a ruthless African dictator in it, leopard skin pillbox hat & everything... and I had written a play about him, a comedy I think. The rest is gone in the haze I'm afraid. Mike was not in it. Thank God 'cause I've got enough problems as it is. But you, Gillian, can pop up in my dreams no problem, perhaps with a bunch of snuggly otters, or a Gibson ES 125.

This morning was a great succes: I fixed the light in my toilet that was broken for a fortnight or longer, the light, not the toilet. I'm a very effective urinator, with a keen eye and a steady hand, but it still is better to see what one is doing in there. So let there be light, I said. And I saw it was good.

Hi folks!


I haven't had any good dreams since the one where I met Mike.

I'm glad you weren't the ruthless African dictator in your dream. That would worry me.


Me too: that would mean I'd be cured.

UF Mike

Hi everybody! Wait, Gillian, do you mean to tell me I was a ruthless African dictator in your dream? That's too bad. I was hoping the dream was somewhat more... erotic. It's good to hear all your voices again... I can't believe I've let this site go this long. Forgive me, Cthulhu... and Karoline, that post of yours was really funny!


haha, no, there were no ruthless African dictators anywhere in my dream.

However, this is weird and I promise I am not making this up, last night, having posted that I hadn't had any interesting dreams, I went to bed and had a dream I was somewhere that had all this Cthulhu stuff. I was trying to decide if my friend Scott would like the sunglasses w/Cthulhu on the lenses, or the Cthulhu buttons, or what. I was also wondering whether or not my friend Chris P. would want any Cthulhu stuff, when I don't even think he's a Cthulhu fan. I woke up thinking, I'll have to comment on Mike's blog that I did have a dream that, while not particularly interesting, was strange. So, I just stopped by to post about it, and your last comment mentions Cthulhu. That is WEIRD!

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