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September 21, 2012


Jan Martin Löhndorf

Poor little mouse!
As for Richard Thompson, I especially like his version of "Oops I did it again". Really great indeed!


Yeah, I feel terrible for the guy. And I'll check out Richard's "Oops I did it again" right now!


I'm not overly familiar with Richard Thompson, but I love the song, "A Heart Needs a Home". http://thegillian.net/blog/?p=10000 The last strains of music really get to me.


I'm not a giant fan myself. But I love his voice, and his guitar playing is superb. Hi Gillian. Hope you're having a good day.


Hi, Mike! Today was OK. I have been using the elliptical equipment at physical therapy to get some cardio in, so that's been going well. Today was awesome because a friend gave (semi-permanent loan, I guess) me an iPod. It really, really improved the cardio experience, which is normally the most boring goddamned thing in the world. There's nothing like 35 minutes of huffing and puffing with no distraction. Well, I guess it depends on what you're doing. But then, there'd be distraction. Anyway, moving on. I'm on a mission and feeling good about what I'm doing.

How are you? :)


I'm doing the elliptical, too. And all I have to listen to is the "estrogen rock" that comes out of the gym sound system. If I ever hear "It's too late. to late to apologize" again I swear I'll kill. One Republic is the bane of my exercise existence. Other than them, I'm doing okay, I guess. Hi!


When I join a gym (I never thought I'd be saying those words), I'm sure I will have to endure horrible music, too.

Hi, Mike!

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