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August 06, 2012



you're not as far gone as you think. By a very very far distance. If you were you would have immediately seen that the special thing about one armed people is they never ever will be able to take you in theirs arms. QED

UF Mike

That's true, Jeanne. Thanks.


I'll start worrying when you report seeing a Log Lady (or Lad), or a dead body wrapped in plastic.


When I was about 8 years old, a man with no arms cornered me in the stacks of the public library and just stared at me. I was terrified, and froze. I had no plan. It was then, that my annoying little sister brushed past the man and informed me that "Mom is ready to check out. Come on."

I can't remember if I ran or walked bravely (?) past the armless man, but I was never so happy to see my little sister. She has always been fearless.

UF Mike

Gillian, you're spot on. My life is like an episode of Twin Peaks. Marc, that's the kind of thing that could warp a kid forever. You probably owe your sister your life!

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