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July 17, 2012


Richard Henderson



Send in the Squirrels!

UF Mike

Shades of Frank Zappa! That's hilarious. I wish there were still magazines like that. I would definitely buy them. Thanks Richard!

Martijn, when the squirrels revolt, there will be blood in the streets. Buy your handgun now!


Here are some reaction shots: http://dailyotter.org/

UF Mike

Awwww... they're so cute.


Those are some great mags. i used to find them at the construction sites as I walked home from school. They had pictures of naked women and ads for X-ray vision glasses and for how to grow a creepy looking VanDyke mustache in the back.
I collected them and took them home, hidden in my toy box.
I came home one day and they were gone.
When my dad got home, he sat me down and asked what I was doing with these magazines.
I told him I was thinking about growing a moustache.
He whupped me pretty good.

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