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July 16, 2012



Check out Stephen Colbert experiencing $1,000 meals. It's one of my favorite things ever. http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/227616/may-13-2009/colbert-platinum----1-000-dishes

What I want to know about the $666 burger is do they keep a supply of foie gras on hand just in case someone actually wants to order it?

Jan Martin Löhndorf

666 - the number of the beast alright. Burgers grilled in hell's kitchen, eh?

UF Mike

Yeah, Gillian, I wondered about that too. It's one thing to keep the supplies on hand for something you think you might sell. Something tells me if you tried to order one they'd tell you to come back tomorrow.

Jan Martin, I like the name of their truck, and the fact that the burgers cost $6.66. And to call their "Frankenstein burger" the Douche Burger? Pure genius.



I like the Douche Burger Maker's general view on burgers (no tomato), but I say whoops & whoohoos for his punkass protest attitude. Truly inspirational. This can be extended to most fields, culinary or not.


P.S. they have charred up that bun pretty badly. You'd expect more from a $ 666 burger; a nice grill pattern for instance. But it IS making me hungry. Fridge raid!

UF Mike

That is one charred bun, isn't it? Looks like it got caught in a forest fire. But I guess that's what he means when he says the crunch of his bun makes the lettuce superfluous. He burns the shit out of it.

franz aliquo

The charring/burning of the doucheburger bun is done on purpose. Every thing in that burger is made to not go together.


Ah! That makes perfect sense. Same with my wardrobe, personality, career, faith and whatnot. Thank you Franz Aliquo for clearing it up and thumbs up for your enterprise.

UF Mike

Yes, thank you franz aliquo. And thanks also for your wonderful name. Keep coming back!

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