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April 03, 2012



It's nice to see people more desperate than me. Well wishes for Yacop and Spleendov Fermidor.

Jan Martin Löhndorf

Lately, I have started to take pills a tibetan doctor has prescribed me, and I'll be damned if they are not made of Yak dung. I love Yaks.


Wow, that is QUITE an ad.

Apropos of nothing, feel free to vote for me:


Dave Mows Grass

Good luck!

UF Mike

I just voted for you Gillian. How could anyone else win? Best of luck, UF.


I voted Gilly.
Love the glittery tat on your tit.
Very sparkly.

UF Mike

I Shoot Blanks doesn't mince words. He knows what he likes and he comes right out and says it. That's why I admire him so.

Jan Martin Löhndorf

You got my vote as well, Gillian. 'course you got.
Got to hurry now, there's a great autodafé over at Flock of Seadulls anonymous.


You guys are too kind. The pic is from a night at Miss Kitty's, a club I go to in Hollywood. There's a guy there who I always call the Mardi Gras guy. He always wears a long white lab-type coat and a hat, and hands out Mardi Gras beads, flashing rings, tattoos and the like. He also likes to show people at the club his penis, but I think he's only ever asked to show it to me and my roommate once, which was, uh, plenty. Total freak, but nice. Anyway, he put that glittery lip tattoo on my breast. Incidentally, the theme that night was White Trash night.

There are a lot of very sexy ladies (and some not-so-sexy) in this contest, so I'm not holding my breath; it's just a lark. A friend of mine mentioned me on his OC Weekly blog, which is kind of unfair, but was really sweet, but I still don't expect to get very far :)



I forgot to mention, there's a picture of me from that night where I am pretending to lick one of the KFC buckets they had suspended in the club as decoration, but I figured it'd be a bad idea to submit that one :)


Hahaha! A vegan licking a KFC bucket. Thats hot. Bad girl!


Here you go gillian.


Awwwwwww, THANK YOU!

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