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January 04, 2012



I'd like to say something supportive, but as F.R. David sings in what is probably the most horrible song of all time: Words don't come easy. He struck a triple there because the guy also got first prize for shittiest video clip ánd lousiest artist name (although Mr. Mister came mighty close! and if the jury hadn't been gay, well...).

F.R. David's real name is Elli Robert Fitoussi. That is MILES better than F.R. David! Fitoussi... it already sounds like a dance! Come sug', do the fitoussi with me and let's cut this rug, baby!

No, I weep for rock 'n' roll. Just a waste of a perfectly good strat, that's what I say.

Okay man, I'm sorry I have nothing to say about quitting smoking. Just some gratuitous remarks as 'try to not smoke for a week' (and then another and another) and know yourself assured of the support of at least a handful of nutjobs. You can do it! Think of it thusly: 'from every cigarette 4 cents go to Dick Cheney.' Something...


I got a good buddy named Paul. He quit 15 years ago. He started Chemo for lung cancer two months ago. Thats the good news. The bad news is its not working too well.
Shit, i hadnt smoked for about 4 years now. I'll probably get the cancer next year; God knows I deserve it. but it has been nice to not smoke for 4 years. It really has. I smoked one with my roomate having coffee last week. I'm pleased to say it brought me no pleasure.
Of course I couldn't have quit like you. i had to have some kind of divine intervention or else i just got tired of them, I don't know.
Either way, good luck Mike. Its really great not smoking.

Jan Martin Löhndorf

I did not exactly QUIT smoking, I just stopped. It just happened after I had fallen in love, just like that. This is not helpful. Sorry. Best wishes!

Jan Martin Löhndorf

And all the best for poor Paul, Bullettholes!


Jan Martin, did you really just stop?
Same thing happened to me. And no, its prolly not helpful.

Jan Martin Löhndorf

Yes, I did, Bh. Two days after I had met her, I went along the street, was about to roll me a smoke, just habitually, then thought that actually I didn't want to smoke, and gave my tobacco, papers & lighter to a beggar sitting there with a cigarette in his hand. He could use it more than I did.
I still smoke a cigarillo every now & then, like 1 or 2 per week, just for pleasure, that's all.


Erm, guys, perhaps all this talk about smoking isn't what our patient needs right now. Or is he?

Smoking! Gimme an S! Gimme an M! Gimme an O! et cetera.

Smoking, it's like inhaling Fire!

We put the King in Smoking!

SM OK ing!

Jeez, how come they fired a guy like me from writing ads? It's a shame.


I dated someone who used to give up drinking and smoking for Lent. My thought was, if you can give it up for 40 days, why not just give it up altogether? It's a nasty habit. Although, kissing him when he'd been smoking and drinking beer was kind of hot. I guess it was that whole bad boy thing. Otherwise, it was just yucky. The smell permeating everything, the risk of lung cancer, blah blah. Just yuck. So I'm happy you're trying to quit, Mike. The same guy, when he was single, also used to give up masturbation for Lent, and when we were seeing each other, he told me he'd considered giving up sex for Lent, too, but that after about 2 seconds of considering that, he realized that I wouldn't sit still for that. And he was right. I would have had a fucking fit.


Go for it, Mike, even if you have to fall in love with the next woman who crosses your path for motivation!

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there are alot of interesting things in this blog to consider! From out of this world enlightened consciousness to corny preschool toilet humor, from the sacred to the profane to the delightful mundane. I especially like the irreverant, turn you on your head stuff. "but we like to squander money, as an expression of disgust for what it represents" and rock and roll , lots and lots of rock and roll.


Thank you Karoline. You're the sweetest sister-in-law in the world.


She is! And Download Keylogger Mac is the sweetest stalker-spammer in the world.


I like Mac. He is here and I'm glad.

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Timo Keskinarkaus

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Elene Meyers

“Especially when you're not quite sure why you're doing it.” – This says a lot, and not just on the aspect of smoking. But I’ll stick to the topic at hand. I had a friend who also couldn’t stop smoking. She’d say she’d die anyway, so she continued to smoke. But the unexpected thing happened – she got pregnant. For some reason, her maternal instincts took over, and she stopped smoking abruptly. She said the thought of having an abnormal baby, or giving her baby a disease just because she couldn’t stop her cravings, was enough of a wakeup call to make her quit. It was a hard and torturous process, but she stuck it out. Now, she’s been free from smoking for 4 years, and her baby is as healthy as a horse. I guess quitting all boils down to finding that reason, and I hope more smokers find it soon, before it’s too late.

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