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May 24, 2011



Even when I was young and green, I couldn't bike up hills.


So, you know, I commend you. Hi, Mike! :)


Hi Gillian!

Pisces Iscariot

Art is dead - Yay!

Jan Martin Löhndorf

May I introduce http://www.arthate.com/ to you? It's a Billy Childish thing, and maybe I have already mentioned that Billy Childish is one of my heroes. I have, alright.


i was on a bike for three years. I didn't even have a car so anywhere I needed to go I had to ride that bike. I hatehatehate my bike now.
I discovered that 1 wind is equal to 2 hills. i can handle a hill, but man, a twenty mile and hour wind will flat wear your ass out.
God, I hate that bike.

Francisco Peres

Love that finishing line. So good.


Thank you Francisco.

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There is no art in our century

vibram five fingers

We're in the easiest gear and we're huffing, as all those sickening Tour de France-dressed bozos whizz by us with ease.


cheap jerseys, are you a robot by any chance? And Erection Pills, of course there's art in our century. We just call it war.

rick piel


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