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April 28, 2011



Why, God, why?


Hey, what happened to my comment here? It was here a moment ago, and now it's gone. Mike, did you delete it? I know it wasn't very good, but not worse than my normal standard...


There are no answers, Gillian. And no Martijn, I did not delete your comments. Your comments are the gold standard of this blog, and every one is sacred.


You make me blush... I didn't really think you would delete it of course. I must have forgotten hitting the 'post' button or some glitch. But it wás an endless and mostly off topic comment. Can I re-create it?

I said how I liked this painting, particularly the yellow and green division on the ground, how intruiging and original I thought it was. And then I said that the figure was less original, with the feet of Picasso, the chair of Matisse and Derain-like lines. Then I said I should shut up...

And I announced my temporal departure for I’m going on vacation. And I will miss you all. I will miss you so much that I will have to turn to foreign views, booze & women to get over it.

And lastly I placed the translation of the lyrics of ‘Tony The Sick Pony’, I thought maybe Steve and you were interested. I can still scrape that one from my own blog, where it falls completely out of tone, but I thought 'everything goes with a clown suit' and placed it anyway. Here goes...

Tony the Sick Pony

It was raining like streams, and it smelled of rotting grass
And the mud, it pulled my shoes into the ground
I stumbled manfully through a sorrowful swamp
With a self-made smile upon my mouth
A helping of macaroni with some cheese is a feast
It is to say, for he who’s really hungry
But a sick pony can also be a source of joy
For a man who really cares about sick ponies

It was as dark as hell and godforsaken cold
And I just kept on slogging through the night
Over there, that pony stood under that willow thicket
Sweating his sickness out in a canal
A man that’s only used to the luxury of the city
Where superficiality is watered down with booze
That man understands nothing about ponies and will never get it
How a sick pony can bring someone to ecstasy

Tony the sick pony! (3 x)

I scratched myself on thorns
I stumbled and I fell
Yes, I hurt myself repeatedly and indescribably
But still a great joy kept buzzing in my soul
Some sort of happiness, oh how fine I felt
Furniture of mahogany, large trays of salmon and lobster
On the look of it, just pure superficialities
While a sick pony has so much more to offer
But you have to be receptive for it

Tony the sick pony! (3 x)

I searched for many hours and although I couldn’t find him
I always knew the sick pony would be near
There was something ineffable connecting me to it
In that obscure, that severe wilderness
The world is demonic, a place filled with false pleasure
And for money, even the holiest is for sale
But as long as sick ponies are grazing not far from here
There’s a chance of rescue and some hope

Tony the sick pony! (3 x)
Is near


That may well be the best piece of art criticism I've ever read. And thanks for posting the lyrics--they're sheer genius! You'll be missed, my friend. Have fun!


Those lyrics made me weep.
I've placed way too much value on trays of Lobster and Salmon in my life.
I see that now. Thanks Martijn!


Thank you both. And don't forget to have fun while I am slaving away on hot & thirsty road in godawful Spain or something. Hey!


may you run into my unknown relatives and cousins and whatnot and may they treat you kindly,sweetly and give you good deals.


in spain! I also looked at that yellow and green ground and wondered at the directional line running off the canvas like that cause its kind of wrong and then i saw the baton the conductors baton in her hand running counter to it. and it made it right to me. love the blue lines she paints with, gonna have to do that too, i may do it already?


Conductors Baton?
I thought it was some kind of french tickler.

I am very interested in the way you said, I will try to make their own, what you said to me a lot. Have time to look at my store, thank you!

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