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September 28, 2010



Would this, then, be on par with Jim Fixx dying of a heart attack whilst running?

UF Mike

Precisely! In a perfect world, everyone's death would be amusingly ironic. Take Sarah Palin. She would somehow (I haven't worked out the details) be killed whilst teabagging.


Oh, Mike :D


The mind is a wonderful and often awful thing: I can't get the image of E.T. flying on a segway past the moon out of my head. Poor little E.T.! Luckily, the Palin-fantasy soothed the pain. I would be amused if she took a hocky puck to the head. It wouldn't have to kill her, just stick out of her forhead a bit.

UF Mike

It's possible Sarah's brain IS a hockey puck. That would explain quite a bit. And now you've got the image of E.T. on Segway stuck in MY head, thank you very not. Better the hockey puck, me thinks. Better the bleeding hockey puck.

Jan Martin Löhndorf

That's so utterly uncool and un-mod - this is not "Quadrophenia", Mr. Wannabe Jimmy the Mod Heselden!

UF Mike

"This is not Quadrophenia"--classic, Jan Martin--Classic!


Its like a Greek Tragedy!


Hockey with an e? Tut tut tut... what are they thinking of next? [I'm SO bad at spelling!] But on a lighter note: I didn't Really care for E.T. at all. I hate E.T.

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