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June 07, 2009



Hey now: this Jeffers Poem should not go unpraised. It is wonderful and did me a lot of good earlier this morning here at the grey self hate factory. The poem is too rich and difficult for my clumsy retarded grasp of English, but some morsels of it made delightful stains on my shirt when I spilled it all over my front. Go Jeffers!

UF Mike

Your metaphor is a wonder to behold. Spilled morsels indeed!


Hey, I just mosied out of the viral storm I saw coming. I've been down since saturday morning. Bonecrushing headache, a 12 hour ride on the vomit bus, followed by more headache & fever. I think I am finally pullin out of this. But hey, thanks Martjin! Brothermine! Now I think it's back to sitting down. Christ.

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