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February 05, 2008



What great posting again. And, being the curious freak that I am, I went looking for the picture of the 'man in bird suit’. I had to get to the bottom of this (of the picture I mean, not the guy in the bird suit)! And so I ended up on that website of the record label guy. It is one of those instances when you vaguely suspect to be the victim of irony. But no, no irony: it’s all very very real. I first though it was a parody like Spinal Tap or The Ruttles.

Landing at small open spaces like parking lots! Wow! Funny. But, seriously, I always had one request of Life... that my life would never be adapted into a musical (I hereby officially forbid "Martijn... the musical"), but now I have another: that wherever I go on promotional activities that there will be no guy in a bird suit. But great writing Mr. UF!

UF Mike

Yeah, Martijn, the guy in the bird suit is a terrible fear of ours as well. By the way, we've been working on "Martijn: The Musical" for months now, and we're dismayed to hear that it's something you don't want. Unfortunately, the score is completed, and Clay Aiken has already agreed to play you. He's really ape on the song, "That's Martijn with a J".


I didn't know who Clay Aiken was and I still don't, but the pictures Google provided me was enough to make me so sick I gave up all further pursuits. I suspect he is one of those ‘Such & suches on Ice’ characters and other than ouzo, I don’t want anything on ice. But anyway, so you have worked on the Musical. All right then. I had in my mind made an exception for Mel ‘Springtime for Hitler’ Brooks, but I have faith in you too. Clay Aiken is out of the question however, unless you incorporate a very lifelike suicide act. Something like... umm let’s think, something with a cheese slicer perhaps. Or whatever you feel is appropriate.

Lance Monlux

Hey Bobby if you are reading this contact me at lanceM@floridaaddictions.com I would like to talk to you about Maui. If anyone knows bobby can you please forward him my e-mail.


Oh, stop it. David and Bobby engaged in sexual relations with many 20th Century Fox women and it bit them in the ass. They should have had more control over their zippers than that. At least, Bobby could have had a career. But the fact that sex was more important to them completely destroyed his career.

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