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December 04, 2007



Simply brilliant.


I guess that would make Iran a bunch of dangerous forkers?????


Forking maniacs! Thank you kindly, Tammy. Actually, you should be praising our great President. He practically writes our material for us.

Jan Martin Löhndorf

I remember having once read a story about a psychically disturbed young man who lobotomized himself. He has been living with his mum and was terribly afraifd of bacteria. He saw them everywhere and went on everybody's nerves. One day, his mum had about enough of his lamentating and asked him why he didn't shoot himself. Well, he went to his room, took a loaded gun, held it to his head, and pulled the trigger. He survived, but, by a miraculuos coincidence, he had shot out the part of his brain that was responsible for his phobic reaction. He never feared bacteria ever after.
Now, what I want to ask is: Is there anybody out there who dares performing an operation on George Bush to cure his very special phobia that makes him fear people in countries with large quantities of oil resources? Come on, somebody give it at least a try!


What a heartwarming medical miracle! Unfortunately, our Prez's locus of madness is more than bullet sized. Perhaps if somebody used an artillery shell?

Jan Martin Löhndorf

If it is helpful: bomb him.


Yes, but it will have to be done with daredevil accuracy. Seeing as how we lack both attributes, obviously someone else will have to do the right thing.


No mention of Sporks that i can see.

aka Shuvelforks in Scotland

we are safe.................for now.


Really, you call 'em shuvelforks? Do you bury people with them? Hey SJ!

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