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July 18, 2007



You'll be missed!


"live fast and die young"........

i thought it was live FAT.

Boy ,is my face red.......course that is mainly the high blood pressure due to excess weight.


Come back soon.

Jan Martin Löhndorf

Gonna miss you!

Mike Artherton

Nice stuff... tough to keep track of all that is happening. I end up reading 100 odd blogs daily. Plus there is news. You could also enrich your blog by adding current news on your blog... try out the news widget from widgetmate.com


do what yer namesake suggested,a damn fine idea.


I've got blisters on my Barstube!

Dave Mows Grass

I've always imagined myself being bored to death. I'm bored all the time, but never to death. Being bored by a PTO-driven posthole digger would be best but I suppose a hammerdrill would suffice.

Sodajerk - I did finish what I started over at the mower shed but I don't know why.



Like a show with too many encores:

"In great attempts, it is glorious even to fail." Vince Lombardi (The man always quoted by coaches when defeat is imminent)

“90% of the game is half mental. If you don't set goals, you can't regret not reaching them and if you come to a fork in the road, take it.” Yogi Berra (The Anti-Vince Lombardi)

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” Lao Tzu (Taoist purveyor of common sense)

“I will blog no more forever.” Chief Joseph (The creator of the smoke signal blog)

Within you is genius.

Within me is a bloated colon.



if you do not keeep on postin.............i will do summat.

not sure what yet.............

but i am talkin SHOCK AND AWE.

thanks for your comment Dave,yer blog is mighty fine.

sadly.............i work in an office.....i say work,i go there most days.

i just kinda faff around.

i wish i could fix cars.........my brudda has a 1964 Oldsmobile on ma driveway.

i aint a petrolhead at all,i takr=e the bus.
but when he is revving the engine of that V8/////////////i can kinda see where he is comin from.

these cunts......www.privateimports.co.uk.....
racing about the estate.....which has a lot of wee kids...disgust me.

take care all commenters here.

if anyone actually lives in DC.........go to michaels place............nd shake some sense into him.

i am sure Rudi gas sensed it...........


When in my entire life have I ever seen or heard mention of The Whole Earth Catalogue? Never, till now. I think I still have a copy somewhere that was my mother's c. 1971.


I know you wanted to "throw (your) goddamned sippy cup" at her, but Theresa Duncan seems to have killed herself, as did her longtime companion, Jeremy Blake. I've posted about it.


And, don't you go missing now, please.

Edward WIlliams

Keep striving for excellence.


Where are you, mIKE? I clicked on here thinking, god, it's been five days. How behind will I be? AND YOU ARE NOT HERE.


They took the whole Futility Nation
and put us on half meds.


oh dear, where are you?


foe when you return, and for the longtime readers in the meantime:

remember Knut the polar bear they were going to slaughter in Bearlynch, Germany?


oh mike, sad and long are the days without thee.


Ok, what the hell is going on here. July 18th!! What does Mike think...that we can live days and days without him? Jesus...next I'll have to go without coffee.

Jan Martin Löhndorf

Mike! Ma - hike! You can't leave us here on cold turkey, man! Come back, will you?

Jan Martin Löhndorf

Hey - just found out it' heavy metal umlaut daytoday!

Phil Core

It’s better to be Jerry Lewis than Dean Martin.

It’s rather weird reading vague ponderings of -The End– followed by a big silence. It kind of reminds me of a never-do-well acquaintance, Brad. After college, he worked for his dad doing some nonsense and he lived alone. Whenever his laundry built up unacceptably, he would screen his mother’s phone calls, pulling a disappearing act on her. After a day or two, she would go to his apartment and completely clean it top to bottom.

One imagines that UF is simply vacationing, perhaps on a horse infested dude ranch in Montana. However, one also imagines UF working diligently on an exciting mystery novel, perhaps involving the smartest kid on earth and aging musicians, with a single mustache hair becoming the critical clue, detained or worse after a scandalous mishap, perhaps involving an African embassy, or finally getting the correct medical diagnosis for his chronic ailments, an advanced rabies infection of the brainstem. I guess time will tell, or perhaps not. It’s like Murphy’s sister’s law, “If anything can fail, it eventually will, so it’s futile to assume it won’t fail a couple of seconds from now.”


looky here, Mike, you're quotable in the literary world. did you know?



Guantanamo Bay?

maybe he has gone abroad again,without letting us kno.

maybe Jeffers will enlighten us.


Sorry SJ, I know he's on vacation, but I know not where. Thought he'd be back by now so I checked the blog & lo & behold he's still away. Not to worry, he should be back shortly I would think.


Hi Jeffers! I just drove past the UF mansion and they’re still there. They keep coming with flowers, candles and makeshift poster board tributes. I saw a few Sting album covers and Elvis scarves, too. What should I do? Call the cops or take care of the situation myself?

Thanks for the update.


Thanks for the Update Jeffers.

how are things goin with yer good self?

family and such keeping you busy,i am guessing.

i hope you are still finding time to write.

like Mike yer talent is too good to be left untapped.(i know what i meant).


Please come back from vacation. Life is too meaningful without my daily doses of futility.


Ben: You know what to do. Just make it clean. Bowie knife? SJ, still plodding on in the desert that is american poetry, or at least my little dusty corner of it. Kids are great, startin' to play together for an hour or so b/4 the screams & recriminations. Karoline painting, though about just as slow as I am writing. We move on we move on, dusty, weary, unwise.

The Steve Miller Band

I thought you were already dead. Boy, is my face red!

Just remember: There's no I in Win.


a joker,or a midnite toker?

Phil Core

Hey all ...

Oh, sodajerk, your band is playing tomorrow at the Star Bar. I'll try to make it. Also, I might go to the crackhouse on Friday.



This is insufferable.


Hi Phil.

the source of my online nomme de guerre is revealed.

a damn fine band,as it happens.
they were who i was listening to whan my more technically based sibling was setting up my online stuff.
"what do you want yer name to be?"he says.
"ummmmmmmm,Sodajerk."i replied.
and so,an online Empire began.

kinda like if Hank Williams met The Replacements in a bar(to use their descrription).

well worth checking out.

Live or in the recorded form.



here is their link



Mike, is this Rudy?

Phil Core

Thanks for that link sodajerk!

Although I didn't make the show due to other things capturing my focus and the desire to save my energy and party budget for tomorrow's crackhouse visit, the band is worth checking out. Their video, 'Rotisserie Gold', tastes like chicken, and the discography includes such wonderful titles as ....

Unhappy Hour -2001

We Are All Going To
Hell Because of You
Guys -2002

Brand New Low -2003

The 'Star Bar' is an interesting little bar. A converted bank branch, the old 75 sqft vault is now stuffed with an impressive Elvis collection behind bullet glass and complete with a kneeling stoop.


I haven't had Jell-O this bad since June.


For Christ's sake. I leave Mike alone for a month, just one month, and he's gone.

He must come back. He MUST. Mike, guy!


The comments on this post have taken on a weird life of their own. It's like some post-apocalyptic settlement where people wander around in a daze in the remains of a bombed out building....


this happens every time Mike goes on a vacation without telin us commenters.

brother jeffers has told us he is on his holidays.

i mentioned last time he did this he should get one of em crackberries or such techie thang.

hot damn./................come on Michael.


I'm determined to be a survivor in this post-mikeapolyptic nightmare world in which I find myself.


He must be on a world tour. Maybe he's hunting down England Dan and John Ford Coley for a reunion tour.


one time he was off on his holidays,we got up to a hundred comments.

it was like a blog ,within a blog.

somebody pick a topic,and lets see where we go.............

if nobody does better i say ........Bush/Blair........what the fuck were they thinkin?in the pockets of big business?or patsies?

OR..........i just bought a new pair of trainers,Vegan friendly(half price was what attracted moi).any one else bought any shoes lately?????????????

come on people,lets have the show right here.


here's one in honor of mike's recent led zeppelin fixation. what are the three crappiest zeppelin tunes? i vote for:

-d'yer maker
-over the hills and far away
-all of my love


stairway to heaven.

they wrote it in their 20s.

a pal of mine could play the song when he was 12.

i think that says a lot.

Dave Mows Grass

The local guitar shop has a "No Stairway" sign posted prominently above the door.

As for crappy Zeppelin tunes, I nominate anything that Robert Plant did after Zeppelin. "Tall Cool One" leaps to mind...


I never liked "In Through the Out Door". Specifically "Hot Dog".


good call Ben. Dave, you can't nominate post-Zeppelin music. Everyone knows that sucks, and there's no way anything Robert Plant did would such worse than Coverdale-Page or The Firm.

Sodajerk: level of technical difficulty is a lousy measure of whether something is great or not. unless you only listen to Yes and King Crimson, I guess. In which case you have other issues.....


Here. If this doesn't draw UF out of the woodwork, nothing will (unless of course he's off somewhere oblivious to news and the rumblings in his blog): http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,292397,00.html

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